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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word. "Rei" stands for universal and "Ki" stands for energy. "Reiki" means universal energy.


Reiki practitioner channel reiki from higher beings to clients body and energy field. The client will be in deep relaxation and peace. Usually, there will be an energy blockage release, which very well cleanse the energy field. It heals physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Many clients feel the change right after the session.

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Example of things that Reiki will help

  • Insomnia

  • Better deal with everyday life

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Raise vibration

  • Remove black magic

  • Helps with addictions

  • Personal development

  • Deep relaxation

  • Release toxics

  • Support immune system

  • Promote healing for all illnesses

  • Recovery after surgery/chemotherapy

About Me

Teerapat Wongmahacharoen


I was first introduced to Reiki 8 years ago. Before that, I was trying to live a life on others’ belief. Tried to get a reputable job, worked hard, tried to make a lot of money from a job that does not resonate to my heart. I ended up burnt out and struggle to find happiness in life. For years, I did not get a good sleep or live a day feeling energized. Then I was introduced to Reiki. Just one session Reiki session gave my life back. I feel better right after the session. I had a good night sleep. Feeling fresh like I was a small child again. Since then I started to learn and practice Reiki and use this energy to improve my life and share this energy to help others to live a better life.

Frequently asked questions

What happen during the session?
Reiki is a hand-on energy healing. The practitioner will put his/her hands on particular parts of client's body and channel energy though the hands, aiming to clear congestions in clients's energy field.
Is it scary?
No, It is not scary. It is a relaxing experience. You will experience deep relaxation after the session.
When is good time to receive Reiki session?
When you feel anxious, drained or anytime you feel like receiving a healing. Reiki will raise your vibration and make you feel better.

Reiki Session

Private Session
1500 baht/session (1-2 hour)

Session can be in Thai and English

highly recommend , gentle yet powerful energy washing away tensions. I emerged feeling uplifted, aligned, and deeply grateful for the sacred experience.


Ocean Rocks

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Tel: 092-653-9515

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