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Rose Quartz: the stone of love

Rose quartz is well known to be a stone of love. However, it is often misunderstood that rose quartz help attract love from other people. The main message that rose quartz gives us is the love for yourself.

When working with rose quartz, the energy flow directly to heart chakra. People who can sense energy as color can see flow of green energy, which represent color of the heart chakra. Rose quartz energy open our hearts and show us the energy of self love.

Self-love is the beginning of all kind of love. Many people expect others to love them while they have no love for themselves, which often result in loneliness and never feel like receiving enough love. Also, people with insufficient self-love often fail to attract healthy relationship with others. The logic behind this is very simple. We always love to be around people whose hearts are opened and know how to make themselves happy, not those who are full of egos and don't seem to be happy. If we do not know how to give love to ourselves, who we know the best, it would be difficult to understand and give love to others.

A spiritual teacher compare herself with a candle and compare love with light, a candle with no light is dark and has no purpose. A lighten candle fulfill your purpose and can also give light to other candles.

Rose quartz is a very good aid for practicing self-love, and you will experience infinite amount of love from inside.

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