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Crystal Healing

Crystal is an alternative way of healing . We put crystals on our body and let the energy flows, also negative energy and move out of our body toward crystals. Crystal is ancient medicine, people used them to cure disease. Also, crystals are used in many ancient religious ritual to enhance spirituality.

As well as Reiki healing, crystal has ability to heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Each crystal has its own properties, For example, Citrine is good for immune system and dispel negativities, Emerald is good for heart and bronchial system and black obsidian is good for emotional release. Formations of crystal take millions of year. Some crystals contain ancient knowledge, which we can learn by working with them.

I love to include crystal in my reiki sessions. Crystal energy combine with Reiki and lift the energy of the session. In different sessions, specific energy is needed, and crystals will be specifically chosen for each sessions.

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